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  • Flip Flops with Arch Support

    By on September 19, 2013
    We are so proud to carry this wonderful flip flop full of memory foam and an arch support that offered such relief .  The designer saw its potential and placed them into production. “There is no reason women can’t have comfort and style.” With this thought in mind Georgia (the founder) began the process of designing jewelry for her shoes. […]
  • Antibiotics and the risks that comes with them

    By on September 6, 2013
    How antibiotics affect our immune system. Too many antibiotics suppresses our own immune function over time. It robs our body of a chance to develop strong defenses against the common bacteria in our environment and surroundings. Our immune system develops in combat against foreign substances and emerges stronger and healthier if we don’t use antibiotics at the first sign of an […]
  • Have you tried Silver Sol?

    By on August 30, 2013
    Silver Sol is changing the way people think about homepathy. and exciting many people around world.  This news is spreading fast and if you haven’t tried it nows your chance! In order to gain an introduction to Silver Sol, the following quotation from Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book, “A Fighting Chance”, 2nd. ed., page 12, provides a brief description: “Silver Sol, in […]